David Fant's thoughts

GraphQL Integration Testing Made Easy

6 Sept 2019

For a long time I've been struggling with how to find the right balance when testing. The goal is to move quickly but with confidence. Recently, I have started testing my GraphQL APIs in an integration testing-like way: everything is done using GraphQL queries and mutations.

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Early exit for CircleCI in monorepos

7 Aug 2019

I've recently had a situation with a monorepo using CircleCI for testing and deployment. Everything was built on every push - native apps, backend deploys etc. This took a lot of time and cost a lot of $

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A Real Life Example of Sharing React Web and React Native Components

17 July 2019

Sharing components and business logic between web, iOS and Android can be seen as the holy grail when building a web app and native app using React and React Native. Write once, deploy everywhere. In this post I'll walk through how I set it up and have learned.

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What is this?

26 May 2019

This is my private space on the interwebs where I dump my thoughts, share interesting tech findings, and occasionally write summaries of books I read. It will probably be mostly centered around code I write and learnings from the journey of building products. But every once in a while, I might drop some thoughts on bigger picture thoughts as I try to find my place in the universe.

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